HTC should stop whining

HTC should stop whining

HTC used to be “Quietly Brilliant.” Then Samsung started selling more phones, eating HTC’s launch and suddenly – they’re no longer quiet. Quite the contrary, they are getting nasty.

You can argue that the HTC One was much better phone than Samsung Galaxy S4 but the fact remains that Galaxy S4 was selling like crazy while the One didn’t meet expectations despite winning a number of accolades.

Sure enough, metal phones are awesome. But HTC’s recent marketing messages are quite the opposite – pathetic. For one thing, check out this (re)tweet from the HTC America’s President Jason Mackenzie, comparing the gold Galaxy S5 with band-aid (the original tweet comes from WSJ Personal Technology Columnist Joanna Stern). Yeah, it’s funny in a way, but also pathetic. Is this going to lure more customers to buy the All New HTC One? I don’t think so.

I think HTC should stop whining and come-up with better products. It’s obvious that metal body design can’t beat Samsung’s huge marketing budget. You [HTC] guys/gals have to come up with something better.

In the past, I’ve been arguing that more companies should start making PadFone-like devices. I still think that, and I also think that we need better accessories like that Alcatel smartbook, which is a brainless laptops that relies on smartphone’s processing power. Products like these could help HTC distinguish itself from Samsung and help it get back to its feet. That certainly sounds better than dirty talk about competing products. What do you think?

  • Fero

    Come up with something better? Did you even read what you wrote?
    If HTC doesn’t have money from selling they can’t come up with something better as the innovation costs something. And – they did came with something better! Metal unibody of One is unique among mobiles. Two cameras on ANOne. Two front speakers. Even IR blaster.

  • This is really a lousy article written by someone who appears to be a bit of a Samsung fanboy. I regret reading this garbage.

  • HTC isn’t doing itself any favours, it’s recent ad campaigns are shabby compared to what Samsung does. Samsung has risen to these heights with careful orchestrated ads which highlight what advantages it’s devices offer over it’s competitors (anyone remember it’s next big thing campaign where it showed why the S4 was better than the iphone) and now the selfie tweet. And all HTC can offer is senseless confusing Robert Downey ad or the one with the two guys for the all new HTC One (like seriously that name is a disaster, how the hell did someone at that massive company not see the confusion this name can cause over time, will the next 3 iterations still be marketed as the All New One).
    After seeing the video comparison of the All New HTC One i think i would hold off buying it, as it offers no clear advantage over the S5 with it’s confusing two back camera setup.
    HTC needs to do a brand overhaul and take a page or two from Samsung’s play book. And advert aggressively, It’s either they are in or not

  • Gussy2000

    Negative ad campaigns are just as annoying and stupid for products as they are in politics. Talk about what makes you (or your thing) great and why I should be interested.

    If you make a great product they will come but you have to actually tell them about it and not waste precious marketing time and money bashing the other guy.

  • Dusan Belic

    I’m not a Samsung fanboy and I hate their plastic. I actually think HTC should do something *much* more to stay relevant. While HTC One was more praised than Galaxy S4, it didn’t sell that well. So they need a bigger leap forward. And I would *love* to see them [HTC] releasing a PadFone-like device.

  • aliano

    I never knew that running an ad campaign for an international phone maker was so easy and I’m sure HTC is hanging on your every word.

  • Better_than_yo

    I actually think HTC should stay exactly as they are…come up with smart, elegant devices for their discerning customers. I love their ‘Quietly Brilliant’ branding and I think it suits their identity perfectly, they make simple, clever and beautiful devices for a niche highly focussed and often high-earning market. I’m more than happy for Samsung to peddle their mainstream chavware to the regular Joes. And if that means HTC makes less money…so be it. I’d rather they lost market share than compromised their ideals.

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