An iPhone 5s battery dies out and 4 days later it was still tracking user’s movements!

M7 motion co-processor

This is definitely weird. BGR brings us the story of Reddit user Glarznak who described how his iPhone 5s continued to track his movements despite its battery being dead for 4 days.

The Redditor said that he was recently traveling abroad when his iPhone 5s charger cable broke. He didn’t get a new cable and instead decided to continue on for the next four days without it. That, however, hasn’t stopped the iPhone 5s from tracking every step he made.

Glarznak uses the Argus app to track his steps, and he thinks that despite iPhone’s lack of power, the built-in M7 motion co-processor kept working like it’s nobody’s business.

Four days later, when he finally charged his smartphone, he found out that all of his steps were duly noted inside Argus.

Now, we know that when the battery dies out there’s still a little power left and perhaps that’s all it takes for the M7 to do its magic. While that’s all nice, it raises a number of privacy concerns – cause when you turn off the phone, you want to know that it isn’t working, at all. With the iPhone 5s, that apparently is not the case. Sure, you can turn off any app that uses M7, but I’m not sure everyone will want to take that extra step.

So what do you think; is this weird or what?

  • OMFCody

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. IPhones can show a dead battery image for days but apparently doesn’t have enough juice to turn on, so you know there’s more behind it.

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