T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 KitKat Update Rolling Out Now

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite to come with a 720p HD screen?

KitKat is coming to a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 3 near you! Following hot on the heels of the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 KitKat rollout, the 495MB update has begun its rollout OTA and will be landing on your device in the coming days.

The update brings the usual KitKat goodies to the Note 3, including built-in cloud printing support, SMS support for the Hangouts app, the Google Experience launcher and much more. Samsung hasn’t tacked much else on to the update, just one that turns the normally black status icon to a more pleasing white color.

So keep checking your notification bar for that OS upgrade notification, and make sure your device is fully charged and connected to WiFi before attempting to download the update. Clocking in at almost half a GB, the download will surely eat up a good chunk of your data plan if it is not downloaded via WiFi.

via: Android Central

  • Tim_J

    After getting my update today 3/6/13 in FL. Numerus bugs that need to be worked out. When screen is off and locked sometimes when pressing the power button to unlock and screen stayed blank but bottom keys lit up and culd hear sounds when slidding finger on screen but no display. To fix I had to press and hold power key for at least five seconds thought it was powered down. Then after a few more tries and the lock screen appeared. Also upon unlocking the new camera on lock icon is right next to lock swipe so when trying to unlock phone numerous times it brings camera up right away.Its either touch wiz or a firmware display issue or software, whatever it is it gets annoying. Other than that it runs much faster ad the new feel is definitely

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