Dude Makes Out With His Hand in New LG G Flex Video

Ok LG, your new G Flex ad is pretty amazing. And creepy. I really wish it were airing in the U.S.

In a new ad for the curvy LG G Flex aimed at customers in the Nederlands, LG has taken creepy to a whole new level. The ad begins at a birthday dinner, and ends with the main character making out with his hand in his apartment. Sound weird enough for ya? How about having an ear and goatee’d mouth resting comfortably on the palm of your hand? Yup, that happens too.

According to this ad, I gather that using the LG G Flex is just like…having a mouth attached to your hand? Having a goatee? Maybe I’m reading too far into this. If we really had mouths on our hands, we’d surely be doing lots of NSFW things with them. Gross, I know. Blame it all on LG.

Check out the extremely confusing and very amusing LG G Flex advertisement below. It gets really good at 1:46.

via: BGR

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