Amazon Offering HTC One on Verizon and Sprint for $0.01, AT&T for $49.99 With A Two-Year Contract

If you’ve got a hankering for HTC’s 2013 flagship smartphone the HTC One, Amazon has a deal for you. The  32GB variant of the HTC One for use on Sprint and Verizon’s networks are only a penny when purchased through Amazon in conjunction with a new two-year contract. Verizon is offering the Black model of the HTC One, while Sprint’s offering is the classic Silver. AT&T customers can grab a Silver or Black HTC One for just $49.99. That’s a great deal for the awesome smartphone, being that Sprint, Verizon and AT&T  are selling the device off-contact for $699.99. That’s a huge chunk of change.

If you’re set on owning a HTC One, go for it, but keep in mind that HTC will soon be releasing the successor to the HTC One on March 25th, under the assumed name The All New HTC One. The device is set be unveiled at an event in New York and London on the 25th, and should hit the market in a month or so after release. While the All New HTC One won’t see a price drop for some time, it will more than likely make the price drop on the HTC One, so waiting for a few months until the dust settles could be a wise choice.

Also keep in mind that purchasing a device through Amazon will bring another set of rules when it comes to switching carriers or upgrading your device. While the contract is purchased with Sprint, Amazon is subsidizing the device, and has the ability to charge you a $400 fee if you cancel your contract within 181 days from the contract beginning date. In other words, don’t purchase a device through Amazon unless you are ready to go the distance with your contract. (Check out Amazon’s policies here.)

via: Android Geeks


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