Philips Hue For Android Receives UI Overhaul – Finally Looks Great

Android users that own the Philips Hue lighting system have long felt as second citizens to iOS users due to its superior functionality and app design, but not anymore. While Philips has taken its sweet time to update its Android application, it’s improved quite a bit over time, and the new update now offers up a ¬†slick user interface to compliment the expensive system.

In a nutshell, here’s what’s new in Philips Hue for Android:

  • New user interface design
  • Added sidebar navigation to make functionality easier to find
  • Added introduction demo
  • Save current status of lights from light control
  • Added sidebar notifications
  • Added support for daylight saving time for alarms
  • The app can now directly upgrade the hue Bridge
  • Improved overall stability and connectivity
  • Added Dutch, Portuguese and Turkish languages
  • For daylight saving time support, please make sure to update the Bridge to the latest Bridge software version.

Small details like the new translucent background that changes to the color tone to match the current scene you’re using and the new layout of editing a scene itself really makes this a great update and the new slide out menu makes navigating the app easier than ever.

We’re definitely glad to see the official Philips Hue app step up its game, as there are now a handful of beautiful, easy to use applications out there for Android.

If you own the Philips Hue lights, be sure to get your update on now!

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