T-Mobile’s Galaxy S5 pre-registrations top 300,000!

T-Mobile's Galaxy S5 pre-registrations top 300,000!

Yeah, yeah, yeah… the newly announced Samsung Galaxy S5 is made out of plastic but, once again, the Korean company will move a record-breaking number of units. T-Mobile, which previously informed us they crossed the 100,000 pre-registrations mark, says that the figure is now north of 300,000. Sure enough, not all of these users will end-up buying Sammy’s flagship phone, but that’s still an impressive achievement.

The Magenta carrier will do its best to pitch these (potential) customers, hoping that at least 10% of them will end-up buying the Galaxy S5.

We’re still clueless how much T-Mobile will ask for the Galaxy S5, but we tend to think this won’t be a cheap device. Quite the contrary, it will easily be the most-expensive handset in their portfolio… More details as we get ’em.

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    T-Mobile had a big influence in these numbers by running a sweepstakes for a chance to win the S5. Heck I’m not interested in the S5 or T-Mobile, but give me a chance to win a free device and I’ll sign up. Surprised more media outlets aren’t reporting this.

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