The All New HTC One leaks continue: Here’s its fancy flip cover and Telus’ version

All New HTC One

When it comes to the All New HTC One, we thought we’ve seen it all; think again. EVleaks is bringing us new press images of the upcoming All New HTC One, depicting its fancy flip cover that doesn’t look like anything we’ve seen before. Instead of sporting a small cut out on the phone’s screen, this cover has a number of small holes that together with lighting from the touchscreen make an LED-style display to show key information such as time and weather, as well as incoming calls and texts. What’s more, users will be able to choose between few differently colored covers, all of which look darn sexy to us.

In the other image, we have the All New HTC One with TELUS’ branding, brought to us by the good folks of MobileSyrup. We’re sure TELUS won’t be the only carrier in Canada to offer this sexy smartphone, with Rogers and Bell joining-in, as well.

Again, HTC should launch its new flagship on March 25th when we’ll hopefully learn some other details like how much the phone will cost unlocked and with carrier contracts. More to come, obviously.

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