Google looking to fix Nexus 5 battery drain bug

Google looking to fix Nexus 5 battery drain bug

You may’ve heard or even experienced it yourself – Nexus 5’s battery can be quickly drained. Google acknowledged the problem and even went on to explain what’s causing it.

Apparently we have the camera software to blame for this. The process called mm-qcamera-daemon opens to allow apps like Skype to use the snapper on the phone. This process continues to run even after camera apps have been closed, draining the phone’s battery as a result.

According to one person’s record, Nexus 5 is losing 1% of battery life every 2 minutes while on standby!

A Google project manager said that the fix will be included with the next maintenance update, and in the meantime he suggests everyone to avoid using Skype, which apparently isn’t properly coded. The quick fix to solve this is to restart the phone after your Skype session. Yeah, it’s a pain and we can only hope that the mentioned update will be out shortly…

[Via: PhoneArena]

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