Karma Mobile WiFi Hotspot Gets an Accompanying Android App

Owners of the Karma WiFi hotspot are in luck today as the company has released an Android app to accompany the pay-as-you-go hotspot, called Karma WiFi. The app allows Karma hotspot owners to view their current usage, signal strength, battery life and devices connected to the hotspot. The app provides an easy way for Karma owners to check on the status of their account and make sure that their Karma hotspot doesn’t unexpectedly run out of steam.

Karma is a portable WiFi hotspot that piggybacks off of Sprint’s network. In addition to reasonable pay-as-you-go mobile data plans, Karma will throw in some free data when you share your WiFi connection with another user. For every user connected to your Karma device, the company will kick you down 100MB for free. Pretty nice of them, right?

It should be noted that the app alone doesn’t provide users with a WiFi connection, it merely monitors a Karma device.

If you’re a Karma user with an Android device, head on over to the Google Play Store and download Karma’s Karma WiFi app today!

Google Play Store description follows below.

With Karma for Android users can:

  • View Wi-Fi signal strength
  • View device battery life
  • Monitor your data balance and usage
  • View guests currently connected to your Karma
Keep in mind that:
  • This app alone will not provide you with a WiFi connection. You’ll need a Karma hotspot to get a connection.
  • The Karma WiFi hotspot currently works within the US, only.

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