Archos unveils two apps for its connected home objects

Archos unveils two apps for its connected home objects

During this year’s CES, Archos announced that it wants to compete in the emerging connected home space. To that end they’ve unveiled few products such as motion-sensitive camera, lights, a weather station, and a Smart Tracker.

Although none of these is still available for purchase (as far as we know) that doesn’t stop the French company from launching companion apps. And that’s what they did, having released Archos Home and Archos Smart Home Gateway in the Google Play Store.

Both of these are free to download and will work with just about any Android device though we’re sure Archos would like you to use their own Smart Home Tablet.

Now we’re not sure how the two apps fit into Archos’ vision and why on earth would you need both of them. We see that both offer a dashboard look at various devices, from a weather report to motion detection reports, light control, and door control, as well as manipulation of “programs” or preset actions for various devices, including days of the week and times to act. Now we’re not sure how to try them out without all other Archos smart home gear, but you are free to check ’em from the two links below. Perhaps what you find out entices you to buy some smart object for your home? 😉

Archos Home (FREE) [Google Play Store]
Archos Smart Home Gateway (FREE) [Google Play Store]

[Via: AndroidPolice]

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