Next Nexus tablet to rock Intel’s 64-bit quad-core chip?

Next Nexus tablet to rock Intel's 64-bit quad-core chip?

We’ve been telling you that Google may launch the Nexus 8 later this year. According to AndroidPit, that device could easily end-up using Intel’s 64-bit quad-core chip, which was announced at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

The report suggests that the next Nexus tablet will be unveiled alongside Android 4.5 at some point this summer, making it ready for “back to school” shopping craze. Also at that time, Intel should have its Atom “Moorefield” processor ready and start shipping it to OEMs. That chip will not only rock 64-bit architecture and four fast cores, but also “an enhanced GPU and support for faster memory.”

What’s unclear though — presuming all of the above is true — is who will be making the Nexus 8. Some think that will be Asus which made two Nexus 7 tablets, while others claim that privilege will come to Lenovo, which “earned the right” with its acquisition of Motorola.

In any case, we are looking forward to see the Nexus 8 debuting later in the year. No matter which company ends-up making it and no matter which chip it ends up using, we’re sure it will be a powerful tablet and one of the best shopping options on the market. We are a bit skeptical Intel will be the one providing the chip for this tablet since its strategy of pushing dual-OS devices isn’t something Google approves. We’ll see…

[Via: BGR]

  • Great news!But nexus have a serious challenge or losing it control over android makers ?

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