T-Mobile to Only Sell 16GB Samsung Galaxy S5 in Stores, 32GB Variant Online

Samsung Galaxy S5 may be designated as "medical equipment" in South Korea

It seems that T-Mobile will only be selling the Samsung Galaxy S5 with 16GB of memory in its retail stores, according to a leaked T-Mobile memo that was received by Android Central. If you’re looking for a more spacious GS5 from T-Mobile, you can get that too, you’ll just have to go online to purchase it.

The GS5 will go on sale in April, which is only a few short weeks away. T-Mobile claims that they have already received 300,000 pre-registrations for Sammy’s new baby, and hopes that at least 10% of those pre-registered people actually end up buying the phone. If you’re not familiar with the pre-registration process, it’s basically an alert system which notifies you of upcoming news about the device, such as release dates, color availability etc. Pre-registrations don’t necessarily translate to sales, but are a good sign of interest in the device.

So there ya go, if you want your shiny new GS5 in the 32GB variety from T-Mo, you’re gonna have to wait a few days. Torture, I know. But keep in mind one thing – the GS5 does have a microSD card slot which can support cards up to 128GB, so there’s that.

via: Android Central

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