Get Your Daily Dose of Cuteness with the Animalist iOS App

If you’re an iOS device owner who loves cute animals, you’re in luck! Discovery Digital Networks has released an app that will deliver you just that, and more animal themed programming. The new app, Animalist, delivers Animalist content straight to your iPhone with the quickness, wrapped up in a sleek little interface that is both clean and responsive. Animalist provides a host of animal-centric programming, which includes everyone’s favorite bug-eyed cat friend, Lil’ Bub. Bub’s not the only cute kitty on Animalist’s network – Colonel Meow and Moustache Cat are in there too. It’s kind of ameowzing.

Here’s more details on the Animalist app straight from the App Store:

Now you can watch your favorite Animalist shows on the go via your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with the official Animalist app from Discovery Digital Networks! Supports AirPlay!

Watch Your Favorite Shows 

  • With the official Animalist app we’ve made it quick and easy to watch your favorite shows from the lineup, so whether you’re into Animalist News or Furrocious or The Cat Pack,- they’re all here for you to watch and enjoy!

Watch Individual Segments 

  • Don’t have time to watch an entire episode? Jump to the segment of the show you want to see. We’ve provided an easy way to jump to the exact point in the show you want to watch.

Access the Entire Animalist Catalog 

  • You can watch the most recent episode, or you can watch the very first episode of your favorite show. With the Animalist app, you can browse every show’s entire history and back catalog

Stay In Touch with the Animalist Community

  • Every episode has lively conversation from the viewing community, and you can tap into that by reading the latest comments on each episode and joining in on the discussion!

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the App Store and download the Animalist iOS app right meow!

If you’re not familiar with Animalist or Lil’ Bub, I’ve thrown in an episode of the Lil’ Bub show starring epic partier Andrew W.K. below. You might want to sit down before hitting the play button, just so you don’t faint from the cuteness.

via: App Store , Animalist

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