Nokia’s Android Powered Nokia X Racks Up 1 Million Chinese Pre-Orders in Just Four Days

Nokia X

While Nokia’s Android powered device the Nokia X has been shunned by U.S. smartphone fans, the mid-range smartphone is set to make a killing in China. According to G for Games, Nokia has racked up 1 million pre-orders for the device in just four days. The smartphone is set to go on sale in China on March 25th. Nokia posted the news on their Weibo account, China’s social networking site of choice.

The Nokia X line of smartphones was just released at MWC 2014, boasting a typical colorful Nokia design and running a customized version of Android. Akin to Amazon’s heavily skinned Kindle devices, the Nokia X runs a customized version of Android which resembles the Windows Phone platform more than Android. Nokia’s UI also blocks access to the Google Play Store. This could very well be a deal breaker for those of us accustomed to a full on Android experience, first time smartphone users will probably not notice any difference.

With 1 million pre-orders already in the bag, its safe to say that the Nokia X is off to a great start. If Motorola’s Moto G has proven anything, it is that mid-range cost-effective devices are the way to win over the hearts and minds of first time smartphone owners.

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via: G for Games

  • Gregory C Newman

    This means a Million new potential customers for Nokia/Microsoft to sell Services to. the Android “X” smart phones themselves are just honey to attract the customers to buy Microsoft services. I predict that Microsoft will OK the sale of upgraded Nokia Android OS X+ and the XL smart phones for the USA and other markets. They will sell higher than the Windows Lumia 520 or Lumia 525. Microsoft wants Android phone Lovers to at least buy some of their services through the Nokia X phones if they cannot get them to switch to Windows smart phones. These X phones are cheap to make but can get Microsoft some profits and get some Android customers to purchase some Microsoft services. which will help not hurt Microsoft.

  • Gregory C Newman

    I gauge a smart phone’s worth by the 6 month test. if the Nokia X, X+ or XL smart phones are still on sale in the market place and being manufactured after September 30 2014 then these products will probably survive and new models of them will be offered to the Public for instance the Nokia Lumia 520 survived and it’s successor the Nokia Lumia 525 is ready to replace it

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