Previously cancelled BlackBerry Kopi shows its face

BlackBerry Kopi

This isn’t the first time we’re talking about BlackBerry Kopi. In fact, we’ve heard about this device before but have also learned that it was cancelled. That, however, doesn’t stop its lucky owner (or that’s tester) from leaking it out to the Interwebs. And voila, what you can see here was made for BlackBerry fans on a budget. Alas, it won’t be out any time soon, and instead the Canadian company will launch the Z3, which will debut soon in Indonesia.

Another BlackBerry handset is also in works. Marked as Q20, it should be out later this year, sporting BlackBerry’s classic QWERTY keyboard, touchpad and a big 3.5-inch screen. That model should appeal to die hard BlackBerry fans, though it remains to be seen how the market will accept it…

BlackBerry Kopi

[Via: N4BB]

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