Samsung Releases Tizen SDK for Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo App Development

It came as a surprise when Samsung announced that the company’s newest smartwatches, the Galaxy Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, would be running Sammy’s Tizen OS instead of the oft-used Android platform. Now that the Gear 2 is out in the wild, Samsung has announced today the release of the Tizen Software Development Kit, or SDK, to allow app developers to port and create apps that will run on the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo.

Currently, a handful of apps have been optimized to run on the Gear 2 devices. A list of Gear 2 compatible apps follows below.

Atooma: Atooma is a context¬-aware application to fully automate actions and tasks across your smartphone and Gear.
Based on the simple logic of “IF something happens then DO that”, Atooma will execute your desired actions exactly
when you want, and it is able to sense conditions and acts to free you from mundane and repetitive tasks.

Banjo: Equip your Samsung Gear 2 with Banjo to access the world’s largest collection of social posts indexed by
location, time and content, right from your wrist. Banjo users can experience what’s happening anywhere in the
world through the eyes of the people who are there.

Dacadoo: With Dacadoo, users can measure their current health and fitness status in real time through a personal
health score based on body composition, emotions, and overall lifestyle (exercise, nutrition, stress and sleep).
Dacadoo empowers individuals to live a healthier life and stay active with automated engagement, coaching,
and feedback based on their lifestyle. All Samsung Gear 2 users get free 60 day access while kids and youth
under 20 years-old get free unlimited access to the dacadoo Health Score Platform.

EasilyDo: EasilyDo Smart Assistant, the most loved personal assistant, organizes and notifies you of what matters
so you never miss anything. The app proactively reminds you of events, meetings, flight & hotel reservations,
tracks packages, and more!

Feedly: Feedly helps you uncover and curate the knowledge and information that you care about. Work smarter
with Feedly for the Samsung Gear 2 by connecting on the go with the stories you want to read.

Focus TRAINR: TRAINR uses Samsung Gear 2’s powerful motion sensors to create the world’s first personal
trainer on your wrist. TRAINR automatically tracks upper body, lower body, and core exercises while also providing
move-by-move instructions for each movement. Additionally, you can take our diagnostic to receive personalized
workouts to get fit more effectively and efficiently based on your fitness level.

Glympse: Real-time and dynamic, Glympse is the easiest way to share your location with anyone using Samsung
Gear 2. With the free Glympse app, there is no need to create a social network or have your location continuously
available – just set a time and send.

iHeartRadio: iHeartRadio provides users instant access to thousands of radio stations from across the country and
allows listeners to create their own stations inspired by their favorite artists or songs. With a library of more than
18 million songs and 450,000 artists, iHeartRadio gives fans more music backed by better music intelligence.
All for free.

iwunta (Cloudwear): Friends make life better, but let’s face it—everyone’s time is tight. Now, with a single tap, you can
spend more quality time with friends using iwunta: the world’s first intuitive messaging app. Want to grab lunch
in 15 minutes? See a movie in an hour? Hit the club tonight? iwunta gathers nearby friends to join you in just one tap.
iwunta even suggests locations and provides a group chat for your friends to confirm the details.

Life360: Staying connected to your family on the go is easy with the new Samsung Gear 2 and Life360. Whether you’re
making dinner plans, organizing carpools, or making sure everyone arrived home safe, Life360 keeps everyone
connected no matter what chaos life throws your way.

Runtastic: Use Runtastic to track distance, speed, elevation, heart rate, pace, and calories burned during your fitness
workout and view the data on the Samsung Gear 2’s easy-to-view screen – directly on your wrist. You can also start
and stop the app right on the device, offering ultimate convenience and practicality. Following a workout, you can save
workout stats for later review on, home to over 30 million registered users.

Sleep Genius: Sleep Genius is the world’s most scientifically advanced Sleep Program and Revive Cycle Alarm. Get to
sleep faster, improve your sleep quality, and awaken gently and refreshed from any stage of sleep.

Spritz: Spritz offers the innovative text-streaming technology that enables easy and efficient reading on the email
application of the Samsung Gear 2. The technology streams individual words, one by one, at the user’s comfortable
speed, enabling you to quickly read full content emails without accessing the phone.

Strava: Strava connects you to the global community of athletes. Track your running and cycling performance and
compare it against friends, locals and pros. Real-time segment updates provide instant motivation during your

Vivino: Vivino is every wine lover’s simple way to get instant information about a wine. Snap a photo of the wine
label from your wrist to look up ratings, taste profiles, pricing, and much more.

CNN: Get CNN Breaking News alerts and follow the stories as they develop on you Samsung Gear 2.

Conde Nast: A package of fitness programs from SELF/Details that allows you to customize your workouts based on
your goals and takes them to the gym with you. The apps have video that demonstrates proper form and contain a
step-by-step move coach. Later, track your workouts on the log contained in the phone app: weekly workout totals,
heart rate monitoring and tally of calories burned.

eBay: With eBay for Samsung Gear 2, you can stay on top or your most important eBay activity.

Expedia: With Expedia, get the perfect travel information at the right time. At the airport? Your gate and terminal info is
right up front. Picking up a car? Your confirmation number is waiting for you.

Flick Dat: With Flick Dat, you can send business cards from Samsung Gear 2, anytime, anywhere!

MapMyFitness(Under Armour): MapMyRun is a top-rated GPS tracking app that allows you to map your workouts,
view your progress and share with friends on Samsung Gear 2.

MyMusicCloud: MyMusicCloud lets you enjoy your music collection on Samsung Gear2 and all your other devices,
online or offline.

News Republic (Mobiles Republic): NEWS REPUBLIC, the smarter way to read the news, brings over 900 trusted
sources together intelligently. Designed uniquely for the Samsung Gear 2.

With the release of the Tizen SDK, we will see more Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo apps coming our way soon.

via: samsung

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