Apple patents fancy remote control for iPhone camera

Apple patents fancy remote control for iPhone camera

Apple has filed a patent for a fancy remote control for iPhone’s camera. The filing No. 8,675,084 for “Systems and methods for remote camera control” describes a dedicated device that is connected to Apple’s smartphone via wireless (Bluetooth?) connection to allow users to take selfies, vacation photos and/or group portraits without touching their beloved handset.

The device the Cupertino-boys want to patent has a small screen that can show the image you’ve just taken. Moreover, it can be used to control other camera settings and thanks to the built-in asynchronous notification system – show the iPhone’s camera status. Other notable features of this device include the ability to switch mode from photo to video, change shutter speeds and frame rates.

It’s important to note that some smartphone camera remotes are already available. However, none of them is fancy as the one Apple is describing in its patent. It remains to be seen whether this device will actually be released or will stay as yet another good idea on paper. Actually, we’re not sure the world necessarily needs something like this. What do you think?

[Via: AppleInsider]

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