Sony launches Voice Balloon Photo app for select Xperia smartphones

Sony Voice Balloon Photo

Sony has launched a new Android app for select Xperia smartphones – Voice Balloon Photo, which won’t make your photos better but could make them more entertaining. The application will not only capture a photo but also voices around you and turn them into speech bubbles in real-time. Pretty neat and, of course, if the text-to-speech algorithm fails you, there’s an option to manually override the text with a phrase of your own. Or completely delete it, whatever works for you best.

Here’s how to use Voice Balloon Photos:

  1. Start Camera and select Voice Balloon Photos.
  2. Let it recognize voices around you so that speech balloons can be populated with words.
  3. Tap the camera key to take photos with displayed speech balloons.
  4. Now you can move the speech balloons, change the theme and/or change the text inside balloons.
  5. Tap the save button.

That’s it. You just got yourself a nice, sharable photo.

It’s unclear which Xperia smartphones are supported but we do know not all of them will work. I would assume all models in the Xperia Z series will do, though.

Voice Balloon Photo (FREE) [Google Play Store]

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