Augmented SmartWatch Pro adds support for Qualcomm Toq

Augmented SmartWatch Pro adds support for Qualcomm Toq

On the heels of the recently launched Toq SDK, Augmented Views is adding support for Qualcomm’s smart watch to its Augmented SmartWatch Pro app.

Using the application, Toq owners can quickly get real-time alerts on their wrist, as well as up to three Tasker tasks, with opening the card serving as the trigger.

However, the SDK limits how much Augmented SmartWatch Pro can do. For one thing, it does not allow third-party developers to modify watch faces. Perhaps Qualcomm further opens-up the SDK in the future, perhaps not. In any case, if you need additional notifications on the Toq, hop over to the link below and take it from there…

And before I let you go, let’s hope that Spritz will bring its awesome fast-reading tech to the Toq, making it that much better. In fact, I would say Spritz is a must-have app for every smart watch out there!

Augmented SmartWatch Pro ($5.16) [Google Play Store]

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