Sprint’s Making Some Deep Cuts: 55 Stores Shuttered, 330 Technicians Laid Off

According to a report from CNET, America’s third largest mobile carrier, Sprint, is downsizing its business a tad. The company has just closed 55 retail stores and has laid off 300 of its technicians, and closed 150 service and repair centers. The cuts come as part of a layoff plan which was introduced by Sprint back in January. January’s plan is an attempt to bring Sprint back to being a profitable company, as the company is $1.62 billion in debt as of Q4 2013.

The cuts come as Sprint is aggressively pushing to expand its 4G LTE network, and perfect its Spark service, which is currently available in a few selected cities. Sprint also recently launched new plans designed to save customers money when bundling up to ten customers on one bill, called the Framily plan.

With T-Mobile nipping right at Sprint’s heels for the number three spot in the mobile market, Sprint has to stay lean and mean to keep up with the magenta company’s rapidly expanding 4G LTE network if it wants to maintain its position in the wireless game.

via: CNET

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