Lenovo acquires Unwired Planet’s mobile patents

Lenovo acquires Unwired Planet's mobile patents

Lenovo is in the mobile game for the long run. The Chinese firm has recently acquired Motorola from Google, and has gotten a number of patents (or licenses) as part of the deal. That, however, isn’t enough for one of the world’s top phone makers.

So they’re acquiring Unwired Planet’s mobile patent portfolio that includes technologies related to 3G and 4G LTE connectivity. The deal, which is said to be worth $100 million, was made in cash, pushing Unwired Planet’s stock north as a result.

We yet wait to see Lenovo’s “assault” on the West. Chances are they’ll keep the Moto brand for these sort of things, but you never know. Before Lenovo acquired IBM’s computer business, no one believed we’ll be using laptops wearing the Chinese firm’s logo, and look at the market today. Crazy times…

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