Apple won’t launch the iWatch any time soon?

Apple won't launch the iWatch any time soon?

Not everyone expect to see the iWatch launching this year. According to’s Mike Oertli, Apple will take a different route that doesn’t include making of its own smart watch. Instead, the Cupertino company will focus on making Healthbook the best app in its category and allow third-party hardware to connect to it. Meanwhile, iPhone 6 may get additional sensors to allow for better fitness/health tracking, and that’s about it. No iWatch will be made in the near future.

Oertli is not alone thinking like this. The discussion started by Craig Hockenbury at Furbo and Ben Bajarin at Techpinions goes in the same direction.

“It’s my view that the technology needed to make that great product that does everything just isn’t there yet,” says Hockenbury. “There are too many compromises.”

While these arguments kinda make sense, we can’t help but disagree. Apple may not join the smart watch market this year, but eventually this will be an opportunity too big to miss out. In the long run, iOS — and any other platform for that matter — will either be everywhere or nowhere. We’ve recently seen Apple’s car platform (CarPlay) launching and now it’s time to see them going for our wrists.

[Via: BGR]

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