Leaked BlackBerry 10.3 Build Reveals BlackBerry has a Siri and Google Now Competitior in the Works

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It looks as though BlackBerry is still in the mobile game. Well, sort of. A new hands-on video from N4BB reveals that BlackBerry is hard at work on a new virtual assistant, the likes of Google Now, Siri and Microsoft’s upcoming Cortana. Whether or not this will make BlackBerry relevant again is up to the fates to decide.

The revelation comes to us via a leaked version of BlackBerry’s mobile OS, 10.3. While the BlackBerry 10.3 build is everything but official, it does give some insight into what the Canadian manufacturer could have  in store for us.

So, what’s up with BlackBerry’s virtual assistant? Well, not much at the moment from what we can tell. Included in the leaked 10.3 build is an app called “Intelligent Assistant”. The app is not currently working very well, but it’s there nonetheless. The app will more than likely make its way to future builds of BlackBerry 10.3. If not, BlackBerry could have a repeat of 2013 on their hands.

There’s a lot more in the BlackBerry 10.3 build to be had. Check out the hands on video below!

via: N4BB

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