Moto 360 to rock a Sapphire Glass OLED screen and magnetic induction wireless charging?

Moto 360

The Moto 360 was most definitely the most interesting device announced at Google’s Android Wear event. Unlike all other smart watches we’ve seen before, this one has a circular screen that could make it appealing even for the non-tech crowd.

We have few additional details to uncover about this fancy gadget, as brought to us by G4Games. First thing you should know is that the Moto 360 will have an OLED-based screen, allowing it to last longer. Moreover, that screen will be protected by Sapphire Glass making it *really* hard to break. Finally, Motorola will include magnetic induction wireless charging to the mix sp it’s super-easy to add juice to the watch with no wires to deal with.

Another watch that uses wireless charging is Qualcomm Toq, but that’s more of a developers’ device that “real” consumer product. Though we like it, as well.

Back to the Moto 360. As I said it before, it has a chance to propel the entire sector to the new level, even prompting the non-geeks to get a smart watch. It will be interesting to see what Apple could do about it, and whether it too can launch something as cool as Moto’s baby. We think they have what it takes and can’t wait to finally see the iWatch launching…

  • beatles

    Moto 360 rocks! let’s see how IWatch better this, while Samsung lame wearables belong to the trash bin

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