A New Look at the LG G Watch, Powered by Android Wear

If last week was a song, lyric, it’d be a take on Puff Daddy’s (P.Diddy, whatever) All About the Benjamins, and would go something like this: “It’s all about the wearables, baby.” Why? Well, last week saw the announcement of Google’s dedicated wearable platform, Android Wear and Motorola’s Moto 360 smartwatch. LG also teased its Android Wear powered device, the LG G Watch, which is reportedly slated to be the first wearable device released with Android Wear in tow. LG’s keeping a lid on the specs of the G Watch, rather busying itself with showing off the design of the smartwatch. LG’s UK Twitter account tweeted a new picture of the G Watch today, giving us yet another glimpse at the device.

There it is folks, the LG G Watch in all of its glory. As we can see in the picture, LG has decided to go with a square watch face, akin to most smartwatches that are currently available. This could give LG an edge as far as manufacturing goes, as the components and square screens are currently available from a variety of manufacturers. Motorola, who is going with a circular watch face design with the company’s Moto 360, could have a harder time pushing units immediately after the device’s release. Who knows, though, by the time the Moto 360 launches, (reportedly late summer 2014) Motorola could have all its manufacturing kinks hammered out.

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more devices touting Google’s new Android Wear platform, which will be coming soon. Just like Android, any manufacturer can use Android Wear for their devices, with companies such as LG, HTC, Samsung, ASUS and Motorola already developing wearables based on the platform. 2014 will surely be the year of wearables, but will they catch on? Check back with us in 2015 for that answer.

via: Slashgear


  • Nick V

    After the Moto 360, this isn’t even compelling anymore. LG better step up it’s game now.

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