Apple has sold more than half a billion iPhones!

Apple has sold more than half a billion iPhones!

It is believed that on March 8th, Apple has sold its 500 billionth iPhone. This impressive milestone was reached in less than 6 years, and as I’m writing this, the slowdown is still just a speculation.

During 2008, Apple managed to reach its stated goal to move 10 million phones. In fact, the company ended the year with 12.8 million units shipped. Then in February 2011, iPhone has crossed the 100 million mark, and a year later – the figure doubled. AT&T has lost its exclusivity in the U.S. helping the Cupertino giant reach 300 million milestone by the end of 2012. The 400 millionth Apple iPhone was bought in July 2013.

While Android has been growing like crazy in recent years, Apple is still a significant force in the industry. It is believed that the next iPhone (iPhone 6) will include a bigger screen, pushing many new users to the platform. In addition, the upcoming iOS 8 will open new doors for the company, bringing mHealth apps and services to the mainstream users all around the world. Yup, this will be another interesting year in the world of mobile…

[Via: Forbes]

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