Samsung unveils its Smart Bulb, too

Samsung Smart Bulb

If LG can do it, so can Samsung. Yup, it too has introduced a Smart Bulb which allows users to control lighting around their home (or office) with their iOS or Android smartphone.

Using a dedicated application, users are able to control up to 64 bulbs directly via Bluetooth, with no other equipment required whatsoever. In addition to basic on/off, the lights can be dimmed down to 10% brightness and are CCT tunable from 2700K (arm white) to 6500K (cool white).

According to Samsung, the Smart Bulb will last 15,000 hours, which translates into 10 years of 4-hour per day usage.

Unfortunately, Samsung hasn’t mentioned how much this smart bulb will cost, but chances are it won’t be the cheapest option out there. Quite the contrary, it will likely be among the most expensive bulbs one could buy. We want it, nevertheless. 😉

  • if i look at sam phone/tablet price going up up up up i don`t think it will be cheap

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