Chrome browser coming to Windows Phone?

Chrome browser coming to Windows Phone?

Google may be looking to bring its Chrome browser to Windows Phone. The rumor started when a Google software engineer, Carlos Pizano, opened a ticket regarding a port of the Chrome browser to the Microsoft mobile platform.

It’s important to add that this is only a request for another developer to look into this possibility, and it doesn’t mean anything just yet.

“Now that the Chrome team has developed a Chrome Metro/Modern UI version for Windows 8, I’m hoping that large parts of the code can be recycled to build Chrome for WP8”, the request states.

It makes perfect sense for Google to bring its browser to as many platforms as possible. After all, their search engine is a default option in Chrome, helping Google flip more ads along the way. Users on their end want something like this as well, to be able to quickly access their browsing history, bookmarks and more…

[Via: WinBeta]

  • Gregory C Newman

    Microsoft needs this because the EU might require all smart phones and tablets to
    offer the user more than one internet browser. Microsoft got a heavy fine over this issue when the EU ordered microsoft to give users more browser choices on a PC. the Ipads and android tablets and mart phones may get the same order from the EU.

  • Milton

    No please no, no google’s spyware in wp

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