Google working to make Android more secure and ready for the enterprise customers

Google working to make Android more secure and ready for the enterprise customers

If there’s one problem Android has – that’s security. Due to its open nature, it’s not as easy to make it secure as other platforms like iOS and BlackBerry OS. That is an issue for big vendors which want to see their devices being used by both consumers and enterprise customers, and to that end some of them (read: Samsung) are developing their over-the-top solutions to make the overall platform more secure.

While Samsung Knox could work for the Korean giant, we’re wondering what’s happening with other handset makers. Don’t they want to build something similar to get their gear into the hands of business users? I’m talking about the likes of HP and Lenovo which already sell hardware to the Fortune 500 companies.

Google is apparently working to help them out and make Android more secure. According to The Information report (and brought to our attention by BGR), the search giant shares the concerns some of its partners have and will do something about it. Chances are this will make part of Android closed to ensure improved security. This software may run on top of Android (like Knox) or could also include some system-level enhancements, or both. We’re really not sure and will rather have to wait for something more official from Google. Perhaps these security-enhancing features will be included as part of the next major release of Android. We’ll see…

  • vasras

    How about for normal, private individuals. How about giving us NSA-GCHQ-FSB-CIA-DHS-Mossad proofness?

    Thankfully Samsung has shown that Android security model can be improved and that Google has been just sitting on it’s hands on this one.

  • Ford Terrill

    Hard to make android “secure” is a little misleading as it’s bugs are a lot less dangerous; not to mention, found MUCH faster.

  • Milton

    “android” and “secure” just don’t fit

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