Alleged iPhone 6 Photos Claim to Come Straight From Foxconn

Now that the HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5 have been announced, the rumor mill turns its undivided attention to Apple’s next device, the iPhone 6 or iPhone Air. We’ve seen a few leaks over the last few weeks about Apple’s next product, suggesting that the company will manufacturer an iPhone that is super slim and will rock a bigger screen than previous iteration of the iPhone. Newly leaked pictures that claim to come straight from Foxconn show an iPhone that is indeed slim, so slim that it includes a protruding camera on the device’s backside. If the pictures are indeed real, that means that Apple managed to cram all a ton of smartphone components into one slim case, save the camera. Good job guys.

As with most rumors, its hard to tell if the pictures below are indeed real, but they do line up with a few rumors we’ve seen thus far. Apple does a pretty good job of keeping details about its devices a mystery, so we have to take all rumors with a grain of salt.

So, what do you think of the pictures? Hot or not?

via: G for Games

  • blacklightning

    People still buy iPhones?

    • Zik

      No, buying Siemiens Mobile

  • Justin

    I know right? Why do people even follow apple news? Especially when no one buys iPhone anymore…android 4 Eva (or should I say Evo) lol, android joke he… he…

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