BlackBerry manages to convince judge to halt Typo case sales

BlackBerry manages to convince judge to halt Typo case sales

We’ve told you that BlackBerry has sued the maker of the Typo iPhone case, which promised to bring a BlackBerry-like QWERTY keyboard to iUsers. The Canadian company’s lawyers managed to convince the U.S. District Judge William Orrick that Type has indeed infringed on its client’s patents and should thus stop selling.

Orrick stated in the ruling that BlackBerry is likely to win the infringement case outright, as Typo has failed to muster a strong defense against the validity of the patents, and ignored arguments by Typo that an injunction could put the company out of business.

Previously Typo has denied any similarity between its keyboard case and BlackBerry’s keyboard design, but alas – the judge disagrees. Heck, the blogosphere stands with BlackBerry on this one, prompting Typo to promote edited blogger reviews of the case that removed any statements of likeness between the two products.

We are kinda sad to see Typo losing the case cause we hoped to get something similar for some Android devices. Now it seems that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon…

[Via: MobileSyrup, Bloomberg]

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