Challenge Your Friends to a Virtual Burp-Off With Burpy for Android

Finally, an Android app we’ll actually use! A new app/game called Burpy is here, allowing you to challenge friends and even strangers to a burping competition! I know, it sounds like a lame April fools joke, but it’s real! Now that baseball season is here, I’m sure you’ve all got some serious burping in your future. Why let all those gaseous moments go to waste? Fire up Burpy, measure that stinky beast and take on the world to become the ultimate burping champion!

Here’s a description of Burpy from the Google Play Store:

BURPY, the first game for competitive burpers. Loud burps and long burps are welcome!

BURPY is a game that allows you to measure, record and share your burps. In addition, players can compete with friends or other random burpers to find who has the best burp around the world.

Three funny games modes are available: Single Mode, Party Mode and Versus Mode.

  • SINGLE MODE – it allows players to measure the power peak (Power Burp) or the duration (Long Burp) of their burps and set new records. Each burp is recorded and it can be saved on the device to be used as ringtone or shared on Facebook.
  • PARTY MODE – you can set up a burp battle with up to 8 friends in the same location. Just enter the player names and avatars and the number of rounds and the app will automatically show a ranking of the top burpers with a medal ceremony.
  • VERSUS MODE – it allows you to burp against random players around the world. At the end of the battle the app shows the results and you can even listen to the opponent’s burp.
  • BURPY is free to download, with the possibility to purchase the Burp Hero Pack, an upgrade that enables you to save your burps on your phone, unlocks 150 celebrity avatars and remove all in-game advertising.
  • The game has 45 achievements to unlock that will challenge even the most fearless burper.

Awesome right? Head over to the Google Play Store and download Burpy now!

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