Three high-end BlackBerry phones for “keyboard aficionados” in works

Blackberry CEO Chen poses for a portrait in Toronto

As BlackBerry is returning to its core customers, they are looking to launch new products for fans of the physical keyboard. According to the company’s new CEO John Chen, we’ll see three new high-end BlackBerry models with QWERTY keyboard released in the near future, though we’re not sure all of them will hit the market by the end of 2014.

One model that should be available in the second half of the year is BlackBerry Q20 aka BlackBerry Classic. Announced during Mobile World Congress, this BlackBerry will come with a huge (for a QWERTY phone) 3.5-inch screen, trackpad and dedicated end, send and back keys.

We’re not sure what the other two phones will be all about but are hoping to get one all-touchscreen model as well. Heck, the best-case scenario would be to launch an all-touchscreen smartphone with a physical keyboard overlay. The Canadian company has recently patented something similar and we tend to think innovations like these will help it stay relevant in the mobile game. And/or launch a Padfone-like device, I’ve been screaming for in the past…

[Via: Yahoo]

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