One App to Rule Them All: Microsoft Announces Universal Apps, Will Work on Windows Phones, PCs and Xbox

Microsoft has just announced a sea change in the way we interact with Windows products of all stripes. The company announced Universal Apps on Wednesday, creating an easy way for developers to create apps in Microsoft’s environment that will work across all of Microsoft’s platforms, creating a homogenous app environment. Developers will be able to use the same source code to compile apps on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8.1 and even Xbox. Now apps can be used across all of Microsoft’s platforms, not tied to just one type of device.

Microsoft has created new tools that will allow developers to port the code to the various platforms, which includes tools that help optimize the source code for the platform that the app is destined for. Since Windows’ platforms are fairly similar in appearance, this method works well. The Windows 8 and Xbox apps are strikingly similar in appearance, with Windows Phone 8.1 taking on a more streamlined look that its beefier counterparts.

Microsoft has really stepped up their game with this development, which will essentially allow Windows users to buy apps on just one Windows device and use it on any Windows platform. Look for universal Microsoft apps to appear in the coming months.

via: The Verge

image: Liberty Voice


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