Real-gold HTC One (M8) now available in the Middle East

Real-gold HTC One (M8) now available in the Middle East

Last year’s HTC One had its real gold version and the new model (M8) will follow suit. This time round, however, the Taiwanese company will limit the gold One’s availability to the Middle East, where we assume most of the customers are coming anyway. One would think this would piss Russian oligarchs, but they can always import the gadget if they fancy so.

We have no idea how much HTC will ask for the gold One, but chances are it’s not the price that makes or breaks purchase of phones like these. In any case, if you do live in the United Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabia, you should be able to call HTC and ask them to buy the gold version of their flagship device. If they tell you they still haven’t got it, threaten to buy the Galaxy S5 instead – before you know it, you’ll be holding one of the shiniest phones ever made. 😉

This, of course, remains the same HTC One (M8) under the hood, boasting a potent Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chip, dual cameras on the back, Sense 6.0, and so on and on.

[Via: PhoneArena]

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