Gresso Azimuth joins the company’s luxurious line-up with titanium body and price tag of $2,000

Gresso Azimuth

Luxury phone maker Gresso “just can’t get enough.” Their latest product is, again, made for folks who want to stand out from the rest of the pack. Not in a good way, we would say. Rather, the new Gresso Azimuth is just like its predecessor – a dumb/feature phone placed inside a high-quality, fancy-lookin’ box.

That box (case) is made out of grade 5 solid titanium and is milled and machined for 9 hours. After that, the case is polished directionally by hand for another 4 hours. The front-mounted mineral glass plate is placed on the front of phone all with precision-grilled holes for the manually-polished steel keys. Finally, you get a fancy Gresso logo mounted on the right side that is finished in either titanium or 18K yellow or white gold.

Sure enough, some serious labor is required to make the Azimuth phone. But we’re still not sure it’s worth $2,000.

Gresso will make only 999 Azimuth phones, pretty much turning it into a collectible item for the world’s billionaires. Here’s a short video depicting the phone making process…

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