Special deal for T-Mobile’s BlackBerry customers: Get $100 off your next BlackBerry purchase at ShopBlackBerry


You know how BlackBerry and T-Mobile broke-up, right? Well, the Canadian company is now proactively pitching BlackBerry owners on T-Mobile’s network, offering them $100 off their next BlackBerry purchase at ShopBlackBerry. The deal is valid through May 31st and includes the BlackBerry Z10, Q5 and Q10. The Z30, for some reason, isn’t on the list. Another limitation requires using one coupon per customer, though there’s an option to buy up to two phones at a time.

All this, of course, presumes you do want a BlackBerry phone and are ready to ditch T-Mobile for some other, more BlackBerry-friendly carrier… Are you in that group?

  • Ski Baron

    SWEET! Blackberry 10 rocks!

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