HTC One M8 S-OFF Achieved, Let The Hacking Begin!

Owners of the brand spanking new HTC One M8 are one step closer to being able to get HTC’s nasty bloatware off of the powerhouse device. S-OFF has been achieved on the M8, allowing HTC’s security to be bypassed to allow for the installation of custom ROMs, bootloaders and kernels.

S-OFF is available for every HTC One M8 model out there, as well as Qualcomm based HTC devices such as the M7, Droid DNA, One S, One Max and more.

If you’re new to process of modding your device, you may want to take a few looks at Firewater’s installation instructions before beginning the process. It is pretty straightforward, but you never know when you’ll run into a problem. Also check out the HTC One M8 XDA Developers thread for news on ROMs for the M8, as well as help if you should need it.

Are you in? If so, head over to Firewater’s website for download and installation instructions. And good luck!

via: Droid-Life

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