WhatsApp and E-Plus Launch €10 SIM; Includes Free WhatsApp Messaging, Low Rates on Calls and SMS

Super popular messaging app WhatsApp is changing it up a bit, moving into a new phase which sees the company working with carriers to provide prepaid SIM cards which provides access to WhatsApp without eating up a customers’ mobile data allotments. WhatsApp is now offering a €10 SIM card from E-Plus which gives customers unlimited WhatsApp messaging and low pricing options for SMS messages and calls to German carriers.

The €10 SIM card includes a free €10 of credit, making the SIM pretty much gratis. Fees for calls or SMS messages to German carriers will cost €0.09, and 1MB of data will set you back €0.24. The WhatsAll option, which is available for an extra 10 gives customers 600 units, available for 30 days, which can be swapped out for minutes, SMS messages or 1MB of data respectively.

The SIM is launching in Germany on mobile carrier E-Plus, and will work just like any other SIM card. Customers will be able to refill their balance and earn extra credits through an app which is separate from WhatsApp. The app carries the stylings of WhatsApp’s design, and rewards users for recommending WhatsApp. For every two friends who sign up with a customer’s reference code, a €10 credit will be received.

WhatsApp has services like this one currently in India and other emerging markets around the globe. No word yet on if a service such as this one will make its way to the U.S.

via: TechCrunch

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