Dude Smashes Samsung Galaxy S5, Gets Smashed Back

Who doesn’t like a little smashy? Apparently the device that takes the beating does. Whenever a new smartphone or mobile device is released, hordes of creepy masochists take to YouTube to display terrifying scenes of destruction. The shiny, new (and not to mention expensive) flagship smartphones are obliterated in front of our eyes, in a variety of ways. Some like to shoot iPhones with .50 caliber rifles; for some, simply smashing the device is sufficient. But what happens when the device fights back? All I can say is that it necessitates a can of Febreeze, or something.

A video spotted by Droid-Life shows us just what happens when good destruction video goes bad. In the video from YouTube channel Video Daily begins normally enough, with a dude using a sledgehammer (boring!) to smash-up a Samsung Galaxy S5. It’s all pretty mundane until the GS5 is turned over and the sledgehammer makes contact with the battery. Wham, the battery explodes, blasting the unwitting narrator in the face with some particularly nasty looking particulates.

So my friends, be careful when you are smashing up your brand new phone in an attempt to get a million Facebook likes. You could just get blasted in the face by some pretty nasty chemicals.

via: Droid-Life

  • Gato Mafioso

    Excellent advertisement for Febreeze

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