HTC M8 Ace leaks in a blurry photo that doesn’t reveal much

HTC M8 Ace leaks in a blurry photo that doesn't reveal much

EVleaks is doing it again; this time they’re showing us the upcoming HTC M8 Ace, though unfortunately we don’t get to see this handset in a “regular” photo. Rather, what we’ve got is too blurry to reveal a thing.

Actually, the cutout surrounding the front-facing camera seems much narrower than on the One M8 has, and there’s also an odd texture expanding all across the handset’s top and bottom (kudos to PocketNow for spotting this). Other than that, this phone seems identical to the All New HTC One. We would guess it will rock some changes under the hood and include a different (slower?) processor or something of that sort. Moreover, it may dump the second camera from the phone’s back. We’re not sure really and will rather have to wait for another few weeks to get all details. Stay tuned in the meantime.

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