Video: Check Out This Awesome Portable Nintendo 64!

Retro console mods are the best thing ever, and a new one squeezes the awesome Nintendo 64 into a handheld device. The mod, created by Bungle Bungleman is quite easily one of the most professional looking console mods I’ve ever seen. The device looks like an actual Nintendo product, with the design resembling the N64 controller itself. It’s just downright amazing.

And guess what? The creator of the mod, Bungle Bungleman will be selling the portable N64 as well! You won’t find these guys on Amazon or Newegg anytime soon, but there is still a way to get one. According to Kotaku, Bungle is accepting offers for the device. To get your hands on your very own, head over to and create an account. Once your account is created, simply send Bungle a private message and make him an offer.

Time to dust off those old cartridges, y’all!

Check out the video below to see just how Bungle went about creating this masterpiece.

via: Kotaku , Bungle Bungleman

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