Google Wants You To Be A Glasshole, Will Sell Google Glass to Anyone for One Day Only, Report Suggests

Google Glass hasn’t been getting the best press the last few months, and Google’s looking to change that by allowing anyone with $1500 to burn the chance to purchase their very own Google Glass unit. That’s pretty big news, considering that you currently have to be part of Google’s Glass Explorer program to be eligible to purchase the device. Thanks to leaked internal documents obtained by The Verge, we now know that Google could hold a one day only sale in which Google Glass will be sold for $1500 to the general public. The limited-time offer could begin to pop off next week, April 15th to be exact, and will include a free sunglass shade or prescription glasses frames for your new Glass unit.

Here’s a screenshot from the leaked Google slide obtained by The Verge:

So, are you interested in grabbing Google Glass when and if it comes knocking on April 15th? If so, better start saving. You’ll need $1500 and a lot of guts to walk around rocking this bad boy.

via: The Verge

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