Is this a screenshot from the LG G3?

LG G3 screenshot

Looks like LG will opt for a now-modern flat UI for its upcoming G3 smartphone. What you can see here is apparently a screenshot taken from the company’s upcoming flagship device. And while we can’t confirm this indeed is the way the G3’s UI will look like, we must add we like it a lot.

Everyone and their mama are getting crazy about flat icons. Apple’s iOS 7 has such interface and so does Samsung’s latest version of TouchWIZ. That said, we expect LG to follow suit shortly; and that could happen sooner than we previously thought.

You see, some sources suggest LG won’t wait for the second half of the year to launch the G3; quite the contrary, the company may unveil its 2014 flagship as early as May 17. Previously, we thought their idea was to launch a flagship phablet in the first quarter and then flagship phone in the last quarter of the year. Perhaps things have changed in the meantime, or perhaps these rumors are bogus. We’ll have to wait and see…

LG G3 screenshot

[Via:, GSMarena]

  • Shawn T

    Looks a little boring, but what can be expected from this anyway? I can’t wait to see the actual phone and know what the specs are!

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