These Eight Tricks Will Help You Get the Most Out of Your iPhone

So you think you know all there is to know about your iPhone? I’m sure you’re quite studious, but you may be ignorant of a few of the iPhone’s features that are totally worth knowing. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. Apple’s smartphone just has so many bells and whistles packed into it that the Cupertino company can’t advertise them all. Think of it as an iPhone “secret menu.” No, you can’t get it animal style, but these eight tips and tricks from BuzzFeed will make your iPhone experience a little more delicious.

So what features are lurking in the iPhone’s svelte design? Here’s what BuzzFeed showcases in their video:

  • How to take action shots
  • How to get flight information with ease
  • How to use the volume buttons to snap photos
  • How to delete text messages with a simple swipe
  • How to turn on caps lock
  • How to use letters instead of numbers for your passcode
  • How to use the iPhone as a level
  • How to check what time you sent a text

Pretty sweet! Check out BuzzFeed’s video below to get the most out of your iPhone. And order me a Double Double, will ya?

via: BuzzFeed Image: Capmac


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