Watch Siri and Cortana Duke it Out on the Arsenio Hall Show

It looks like Siri and Cortana have a beef, one that rivals the east cost west coast rivalries on the 90’s. Arsenio Hall hosted an epic cage match between the two digital personal assistants, and it got downright ugly. Siri has been around for a while, while Cortana is fairly new to the scene. At first, it seems like the sassy Cortana has put the old-ass Siri to shame. But it doesn’t take long for Siri to get nasty, proving that she’s not all sunshine and butterflies after all.

So, are you ready for a digital assistant bloodbath? Good! Hit play below.

via: iClarified

  • Simon

    People seriously watch this cr@p?

    • Gautam Kabiraj

      What are you suppose to do here?

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