Kyocera Verve feature phone lands at Sprint, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile

Kyocera Verve feature phone lands at Sprint, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile

Sprint and two of its subsidiaries, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile, are launching the Kyocera Verve, a side-sliding feature phone made for heavy texters on a budget.

The device comes with a 2.4-inch QVGA (240 x 320 pixels) screen, 2-megapixel auto-focus camera, 256MB of RAM, 512MB of internal storage, TTY/TDD support, and GPS receiver. Perhaps more important, the Verve packs a side-sliding QWERTY keyboard that will make typing long messages easier.

The Kyocera Verve will be available later today in pink and gray in Sprint direct-ship sales channels, web and telesales. Boost Mobile will offer it with its no-annual-contract $50 Monthly Unlimited plan with Shrinking Payments, while Virgin will have it under the name of Kyocera Contract, selling it with its payLo plans.

We doubt you care that much about feature phones, but we had to mention it, nevertheless. 😉

  • 1bmwdrvr1

    I find it difficult to imagine how this feature phone will be of much use with such limited memory. I’m using a dual core phone with 1gb of ram an it is barely capable of basic tasks. The idea of a physical keyboard is interesting for the Grandparents who can’t learn Swype/Google Keyboard or (better yet) Kii keyboard. (With Kii’s plethora of fonts and symbols,it is King ? of keyboards). But for goodness sake since size doesn’t matter in this phone, add at least 1gb of RAM! COME ON VIRGIN, OFFER US A NEXUS PHONE! PLEASE! ? Your prices, but your phones are soooo yesterday!
    ????? ???!!!

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