Samsung trademarks “Gear Now” and “Gear Solo” names in the US

Samsung trademarks Gear Now and Gear Solo names in the US

The other day we’ve told you about Samsung’s plans to launch the Galaxy Gear 2 with cellular connectivity. Dubbed Gear Solo, this smart watch will reportedly debut in South Korea and only later be unveiled in other markets.

One of those markets could be the U. S. of A, with Samsung filing a trademark for the name with the USPTO. The Korean company filed the paperwork on April 4th alongside another “Gear name” – “Samsung Gear Now.”

While we (think we) know what the Solo is all about, we’ve no idea what’s the idea behind Gear Now. Perhaps that will be Samsung’s smart watch made on the Android Gear platform with that “Now” standing for “Google Now.” That’s just me speculating at the moment, and we’ll rather have to wait a little longer to get the missing details.

If we can take Samsung’s current strategy for anything, they will pursue both their own smart watch platform and the one Google is proposing. The Korean company has been launching phones for every possible price bucket, and since that worked for them in the past, they may take the same approach with smart watches. Again, we’ll be waiting and bringing you all the newsbytes we catch along the way. Stay tuned…

[Via: PhoneArena]

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