Anyone Can Now Buy Google Glass for $1500, Today Only!

Google is allowing anyone with $1500 and nerves of steel the chance to buy Google Glass today. Finally, us normies can plop down double our rent for one month (unless you live in the Bay Area of course) to purchase a pretty weird-looking but interesting device. Up until today, Google has kept Glass availability airtight, allowing only developers enrolled in Google’s explorer program the chance to plop down hard cash for Glass.

So, are you grabbing Glass today? If so, you might want to make sure you keep Google Glass at home; an awful lot of people have been getting harassed and threatened for wearing the weird-looking headset out in public. And, you run the chance of looking like this guy. You have been warned!

Still in? Head here and grab your Glass.

via: Google

image: White Men Wearing Google Glass

  • Hell no! Lol. Truly a waste of money, a real waste. I don’t care how much money I have, it won’t be wasted on these useless things.

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